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Industry politics, egos: Why Aewon Wolf’s next album is his last

Sabelo Mathonsi

The announcement of Durban ’s music pioneer and rapper, Aewon Wolf, that he is currently working on his final album has left some music fans in disbelief. The rapper announced last week that the current album he is working on will be his last after feeling ‘dead’ inside due to the struggles that come with success in the music industry.

Having burst onto the scene with a refreshing wavey sound and energetic performances, Aewon has gone beyond making music this year and opened arguably one of the most important venues for artists in the city of Durban, The Wavehouse. He is also one of the few rappers in the city who managed to bag themselves a commercial deal with a massive telecommunications company, Cell C.

Some of his fans are still in disbelief that he’s quitting making music, as he has laid quite a foundation for himself. Speaking to Organic Mag earlier this year Aewon mentioned that he’s got a project on the way but would like to continue working behind the scenes, specifically working with creatives on the up.

Explaining his decision to quit music after his forthcoming album the rapper told TshisaLive he was tired of industry politics.
“I hated having to navigate carefully around egos and being scrutinized by people who carry pain in their hearts and try to belittle others to make themselves feel better,” he said.
He also spoke on the importance of taking care of your mental health.
“There was plenty poison that came with success, that had left me feeling dead inside, resorting to drinking and partying just to feel alive. This led me down a path of self-discovery during my hiatus. Allowing me to focus on my mental and physical well-being and just being a better person in a world filled with problems.”

One of his fans on twitter, Lwazi Hlangu, said he feels the rapper ’s departure from music is probably not a full departure from the culture.
“Even though I am sad to hear news of Aewon not making music anymore he still plays a major role in pushing the culture forward because of what he is doing to give a creative platform for other artists through The Warehouse.”

While Aewon’s announcement came as a shock to many, 2018 has seen a rise of artists revealing they need a break from the industry. African Trap Movement artist, Sjava, and Riky Rick are amongst the few names that have spoken about taking a break. While Sjava’s ‘break’ left many confused, Makhado was quite clear on taking a break to focus and be with his family.

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