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African Films still lacking in behind the scenes work: Justice Abadah

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Ghana, also known as the ‘land of gold’ is recognized for its culture, music and notably the Azonto dance that was a craze that took over dance floors across the world. Let’s fly up to this vibrant country sometime, yea? Maybe? No? Anyway, to know more about it’s creatives, O R G A N I C caught up with a young yet talented actor, director of Photography and editor, Justice Ornan Abadah. Sharing his views on the film industry in Africa, he mentioned how pleased he is about how it’s been growing from strength to strength over the years, with a lot of potential, but he still has concerns over s lack of skill on behind the scenes work.
“Unfortunately due to the emphasis placed on acting as opposed to other sectors of the industry, we have talented actors but shallow production scripts for example, and that’s the downside,” he says.

Due to this he said as a director he would rather focus re on giving opportunities to talented brains production wise. He then shared his concerns of how creativity is not applauded but quashed aside for “easy money”. Amongst his peers in the film industry Justice is known as Madiba, A name he earned by playing the role of the young talented artist and songwriter son of an environmentalist in the popular TV series Omanbapa. Even with its success in its homeland, such shows never reach more audiences overseas.

Abadah commented on the African Diaspora (or lack of it) in the world stage for film, which is seen as a way of bridging the gap in-between African film and Hollywood, European Art Film.
“There’s a huge challenge of that over here. I think this has contributed greatly to our African stories being told by people who have never lived it.”
He also shared his thoughts on how every upcoming act should seek to improve themselves. “As our industry is still a growing one, we definitely need tips from already established ones so we can learn from them and grow.”

Abadah is the Director of Productions at Faze Modelling Agency, Writer and Lead Actor at Aloft Media and the General Manager of Universal Theatre Club. He is the Writer of Popular TV series Money and Fame and a Co-Writer for the Primary Mates TV Series.
He has featured in movies such as 2BAD, Sodom and Gomorrah, to mention a few.

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