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[Watch] White farmers in SA need to give land back to the people: Sjava

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Having bagged his first BET Award this year, ATM artist Sjava is on the roll touring the U.S and spreading knowledge regarding his culture and state of South Africa wherever he goes. Out of all the tracks on the Black Panther Album, produced by TDE’s Kendrick Lamar, one of the standout songs has been Seasons featuring Sjava, Mozzy and Reason. Music lovers have been gushing over Sjava’s verse, which he sings in his native language, IsiZulu, where he addresses poverty and negativity.

Sjava recently stopped by Ebro’s Beats 1 Radio show to discuss land expropriation, music, acting and the advancement of black people among a number of other topics that are both pertinent to the world and his music.

“That’s why I spoke about poverty, jealousy, negativity, on Seasons because those are the three things that we’re dealing with as black people because every problem starts from poverty…” stated Sjava.

The pair spoke about land expropriation, racial segregation, skin bleaching, the implications of your skin tone and the differences and similarities between the two in South Africa.

“In primary, we were taught about Jan Van Riebeeck, for example… The guy that colonized South Africa. They tell you what boat he was in, how he looked like, how old he was, they even have pictures, everything about him… and today, that has never helped me with anything. My whole entire life,” stated Sjava.

He went on to add, “why can’t we have more teachings about our heroes? What can’t we have that as a subject?”

As such, he’d also want more films centred on key figures in African history.

“Imagine if we had more [filmmakers] being involved, more artists being involved in just creating content that will make black people love themselves again” 

On the topic of hertiage, Sjava, who has always been proud of where he comes from, went to say that he had always planned to appear on red carpets the way he does now.

The conversation then moved to language and how artists view their home language as a barrier. Ebro even gushed over Sjava’s ‘Ngempela’ which he dubbed as “his joint.” Sjava went on to explain the context of the song for the American DJ and radio host.

You can watch Sjava’s full interview here:

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