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Will Ambitiouz Entertainment ever replace A-Reece?

Tazo Mdletshe

By now some of y’all would be thinking this is a dead rubber topic. Everyone has seemingly moved on from it but as the year ends, we can’t help but wonder; will Ambitiouz ever be able to find someone to fill the huge gap left by A-Reece?

Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge, better known as A-Reece got his breakthrough at a very tender age of 18 in the industry ( he has mentioned at 16 he had Khuli open for him but allow us to build this up). The rapper from Pretoria made a mark with ‘Couldn’t’ featuring eMtee after being signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment in 2015.

What many don’t know is, A-Reece signed his first deal with ‘Raw x Production’ at the age of 16 prior to that. With 2 mixtapes under his name, the whole of Pretoria knew he was the next big thing.

Fast forward to his journey at Ambitiouz Entertainment, after releasing 1 album, Paradise, he won an award at the South African Hip Hop Awards for Lyricist of The Year. The rapper was featured on a couple of hit songs that were on high rotation. He loved life so much at AE, on Paradise he mentioned “Ambitiouz Entertainment ’til forever, ironic how this label got me feeling independent…”

The rapper was doing very well for himself, and was often pitted against one of the best rappers in the country, Nasty C, fans couldn’t help themselves when it came to comparing the two. Earlier this year though he experienced a life changing moment when he was a part of artists that left AE in February.

However, he seemed to adapt better than AE after the break up. A-Reece became a beast and the label seemed empty without him (it isn’t, but you know what I mean). After his departure the rapper released a short track titled ‘Loyal’ where he was addressing the label.

With the ATM guys not really keen on getting involved and asked not to make any comments about the artists that left publicly, AE’s only ‘shot’ seemed to come from Miss Pru when she snubbed  Fifi Cooper‚ A-Reece and B3nchmarq after winning Best Collaboration at the Metro Music Awards with the song Ameni.

A number of artists were signed in attempt  to replace the “fallen soldiers” and it was rumored that Kid Tini was the replacement for the 20 year-old, A-Reece.

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Kid Tini dissed A-Reece on his first single under Ambitiouz titled ‘New School Bully’ produced by Tweezy.  In the song he has lines such as:

“Tell them it’s the new school bully, I could never tie with Reece, like a dude screwed Cookie”

“You a baby boy, if you ain’t shook, you should be”

A-Reece never responded to Kid Tini, at least as far as we know. Instead he has went on with his work feeding the streets with new music and making a name for himself as an independent artist alongside his squad, The Wrecking Crew.

He’s managed to go on tour with Dj Sliqe and JR, on ‘Who’s Tour Is It Anyway (WTIIA). He also managed to release a 3 track E.P this year, Gwan Big Up Yourself which includes ‘Meanwhile In Honeydew’ where he addresses Ambitiouz Entertainment – alot of talent scouting lately Baby Boy got the whole stable shaking.
He has also released a mixtape titled ‘From Me To You & Only You’ which features the likes of Zoocci Coke Dope, Flame, Rowlene, Ecco, Ayanda Jiya and Enkei.

With the amount of work A-Reece has put in after leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment, one would be a hater if they said the rapper needs Ambitiouz. Personally, he’s in my top 5 rappers in the country, easily. And for that, AE seems to have lost more, than gained by allowing him to leave.

So do you think AE have succeeded in finding someone who has the same potential and work ethic A-Reece has shown?

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